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Like a frame in a movie [entries|friends|calendar]
I'll be your cheap novelty.

+ Sarah Elizabeth.

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I'll be there.

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[♥ Sunday
♥ September 4th, 2005. 10:13pm.]
New LJ.
I'm cool.


[♥ Monday
♥ August 22nd, 2005. 8:42pm.]

And, I love him, thanks.

[♥ Friday
♥ August 5th, 2005. 10:13pm.]
[ mood | Tired ]

I want you all to tell me wha tyou think of me.
I could care less if you posted anonymous.
I just want to know.
The good things, the bad things, everything.

So, comment.


Not FO, so do it. [♥ Saturday
♥ June 4th, 2005. 1:25am.]
Leave me an anonymous comment with:

One secret.

One compliment.

One love note.

Lyrics to a song.

How old you are.

How long we've been friends.

And a hint to who you are.

[♥ Tuesday
♥ May 3rd, 2005. 6:27pm.]
[ mood | Brr. ]

Friends Only

Yeah, it's locked.
You'd better have a good reason.

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